Anteraja Tracking

We’ll discuss an Indonesian logistics and shipping company. Anteraja is the name of this company. Many shipping services, including package delivery, freight forwarding, and warehousing, have been made available by this. This service also includes a tracking tool that enables users to keep track of their shipments.  We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Anteraja tracking in this article.

Anteraja tracking number

You will receive a code or number from the service when you place an order. This number may include both letters and numbers. The tracking number is what this number is known as. The primary key to receiving real-time updates regarding your package is this number. But, you must secure this number to track your parcel, since you will only be able to do so with it. Moreover, you shouldn’t give this number to anyone else since it can be risky for you.

What is the Anteraja tracking method?

There are numerous tracking methods you can use. You may quickly track your order via the tracking website with the aid of an online service. You must follow the procedures listed below in order to use tracking.

  • Firstly, visit the Anteraja official website.
  • Then locate the tracking sector.
  • After that put your tracking number in the tracking button
  • And after that, you will receive the necessary details regarding your package.
Anteraja delivery van

Anteraja tracking app

The Google Play Store offers an Anteraja app as well. This app is used for shipping. However, this software also provides tracking services. With the tracking app, enter your tracking number to see information about your package. Also, this app will provide you with specific and correct information regarding your package. This software is available on the Google Play store and is designed for all users. All Android and iOS users can download this software for no cost.

Anteraja tracking internationally

This shipping company also offers its services in a large number of other nations, including the USA, Canada, and the UK. Those who reside in these nations can receive updates on the delivery of their packages. If they have ordered something online and used the Anteraja shipping service, they can also get updates on the status of their package.

Pros of Anteraja tracking

A person can obtain real-time information on their package with the aid of tracking. The status of the delivery is easily accessible. He will be able to find out when his package will arrive and whether there has been a change in the scheduled delivery time. Anteraja tracking gives consumers assurance by letting them trace the status of their shipments. Users of cek resi Anteraja tracking(which means Checking the Anteraja tracking receipt in the English language) can obtain reliable information regarding the delivery of their packages.

Anteraja delivery

Common Issues with Anteraja Tracking

Although we know that the Anteraja tracking service is trustworthy, occasionally there are problems. Sometimes, the information you receive when tracking your package will be incorrect. this will result in the parcel being delayed and lost. But don’t worry; if there’s a problem with your package, you can call the service.

Anteraja Tracking Alerts

Customers can receive tracking alerts from Anteraja to stay updated on the progress of their shipments. Customers can receive notifications via SMS and email regarding updates to their shipments. When there is a change in the shipment’s delivery date, these alerts will let you know. Also, you will be notified if there is a delay in the delivery of the package. You can receive real-time updates regarding the deliveries thanks to these SMS.

Customer support 

Using this service, you can also get in touch with them. Anybody can contact the service with the aid of their customer service. On their official website, they have listed their contact information (email and phone number). Their email address and phone number can be found on their official website. Then you can contact the service’s customer support by using these contact options. They will assist you if you have any problems with the package. They are available around the clock to answer your questions and assist you.

Anteraja tracking


We are aware that Anteraja provides dependable shipping as well as tracking services. Anteraja tracking resi which means Anteraja tracking receipts will receive the most recent and accurate information regarding their package. You may trace your package using an app or online tracking service. Also, you can call the service if you have any issues, and they will provide you with honest information about your package. You can also visit this page for more tracking services.


Indeed, you may easily contact the service if there is a problem. On their official website, the service has provided their phone number.

You may definitely use this tracking tool to find out when your package will arrive.