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Postal service providers in the world include the Bulgarian post service. The post office in Bulgaria controls all aspects of management, including sending mail to the appropriate locations and keeping track of all postal services across the nation. Following more than 140 years of operation, this post service has developed its branches. Additionally, Bulgarian Posts’ parcel delivery tracking business has expanded to include its own nation as well as UPU member nations.

The Bulgarian postal service is delivering mail and letters to every part of the nation. The 2981 post offices created by the Bulgarian Post Service made mailing simpler. The Ministry of Transport has given the postal service many certificates of ISO 9001-2000 quality compliance worldwide. Bulgaria Posts use European Standards. We are providing all information through the Bulgaria Post Tracking service on our website.

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Bulgarian History

A country with a rich history and attractive culture is Bulgaria. Like all other nations, Bulgaria has its set of historic ancestors. Before the invention of science, every nation relied entirely on its postal system to send messages from one area to another. Bulgaria, like other nations, has a unique history, although there was no postal service until 1879. Bulgaria’s postal system developed after World War One and currently plays a distinct role.


We cannot argue against the advantages of the Bulgarian post since it keeps the entire nation connected. With the help of the post system, many businesses, services, and organizations may operate at their peak levels throughout the entire nation. In fact, many people use international mailing to connect with their relatives who live in other nations.

Should we rely on the Bulgarian postal system?

Yes, without a doubt, as there is just one post office in Bulgaria. Additionally, we said in the paragraph before that it had a quality certificate. Three certificates have been delivered to the Bulgarian postal service. the first one came in 2007 when a BS OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate was received as a result of the installation of a management system for occupational safety and health.

In 2013 saw the acceptance of the second BS ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate, which may be attributed to the fact that the company has put in place a management system to secure information. and the third ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate was obtained in 2015 for its service quality management system’s accordance to recognized standards.

It would be incorrect to claim that this company’s service is unreliable after receiving these three certificates. These certifications offer customers of this service a guarantee.

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Bulgarian Post Tracking method

One of the better tracking systems in Europe is the Bulgarian one because it lets you track every postal letter. You may find out the location of all postal letters and to other members of the Universal Postal Union using the company’s official website. You must follow the instructions given below for Bulgarian post tracking.

  •  Go to the official website, /www.bgpost.bg/
  • locate the Bulgarian post-tracking section
  • click on the “track” button
  •  enter your Bulgarian Post tracking number to know about the location or status of your postal package.

Required time for the post

Domestic shipments will take two working days, while priority items will arrive at their destination as soon as possible—at least, one working day after leaving the package at the office. These facilities exist merely as a result of the effective and trustworthy service provided by the Bulgarian offices located around the country. Additionally, non-priority shipments will require 5 working days after the order is placed in the office. International priority mail will arrive in 3 working days, while non-priority mail will arrive in 5 working days. So if mail is sent from Bulgaria to the UK, it will take 4-5 days to reach its destination.

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Is Bulgaria Post Tracking service offered in all areas?

Yes, without a doubt, given that the Bulgarian Post Service is one of the largest companies in the country and that the entire nation is serviced by its nearly 3,000 branches. With the aid of all of its branches, which are located across the nation, connecting the remote locations became simple. Additionally, rural areas of the nation have constant, secure access to the Bulgarian mail service. Additionally, the Bulgarian postal service is accessible in 180 nations, including all UPU members. This service made other services, like foreign money transfers, simple. you can track your TCS parcel here as well

Contact method

If you want to contact the Bulgarian postal service, you have a few choices. The best option is to go to the post offices, which are located in each city around the nation. The main office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all working days at Academia Stefan Mladenov Street, Boulevard 31, 1700, Sofia. Additionally, you can call them at the following numbers if you are unable to visit their offices: +359 2 962 5329, +359 2 949 3280, or *7678.

The official website of the Bulgarian Post is yet another source of information. You can also get in touch with them by email, where you can ask questions, express doubts, and request additional information.

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You can easily follow the location of your package with the help of Bulgarian post tracking. The most popular postal service in Bulgaria is this service. From anywhere in the world, you can send or receive packages. Even from far locations, you can have your package in less time. since that service is accessible throughout the entire nation. If your package is late or you have any other problems, you can contact them by phone or email. By using our website’s Bulgarian post-tracking service, you may track your package. The arrival date and location of your product can be determined with this tracking service. You can visit this page for more tracking services.


Find the tracking section first, then enter your tracking number. This will provide you with information about your package.

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