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You can track your orders and packages through a delivery service called Correo Argentino tracking. Additionally, This is the biggest and most important postal service in Argentina, which is also known as CORASA. This well-known state-owned company has its head office in Buenos Aires. Besides this, the only organization in the nation that offers postal services is the Argentina Postal Company. One of the world’s and Latin America’s most effective shipping services is Correos Argentino. Millions of people use their services to send and receive messages fast. Moreover, delivery firms like DHL, FedEx, or UPS handle the delivery of packages.

Correro Argentino Post

Argentina’s History

After Argentina’s independence, an independent postal service first began to develop in 1816. In addition, the country’s first postal service, Correo Argentino, emerged in 2003 which follow a number of privatization initiatives and economic troubles. The first and official postman in the nation was Bruno Ramirez. Moreover, the historical Post Office Palace was complete its building process in 1888. The Correo Argentino Company’s most recognizable monument is this palace.

Do rural areas have access to this service?

Yes, without a doubt, as there are 3,000 post offices nationwide so this service serves 1,200 areas. Additionally, this postal service is in the top 20 in the world. The Argentina Post Office is located on the American coast’s southernmost point. This post office, popularly known as “End of the World,” attracts a lot of visitors each year due to its popularity.

In addition, we can connect with our relatives who live abroad thanks to the Correo Argentino tracking international services. This post office is a UPU member as well. 192 individuals make up the Universal Postal Union. Likewise, Fostering the development of high-quality, effective, and accessible universal postal services is the main objective of the UPU.

Correo Argentino Truck

Correo argentino tracking Advantages

Because it keeps the entire country and the world connected, we cannot overlook the advancements of this postal service. We are aware that this service is available internationally so that individuals can communicate with their relatives who live abroad. The postal service in Argentina, Correo, manages a vast range of companies, services, and organizations. Above all, this well-known postal service gives you access to a wide range of services. Postal mail, business, money orders, Western Union money transfers, and many other delivery services are among them. Further, you can check the most recent information regarding your package with the Correo Argentino tracking. You will be able to determine when and whether your shipment will arrive at its destination.

Correo Argentino tracking method

The company’s official website offers a variety of tracking options. Through the tracking number, you may track the packages. To trace a shipment, you must follow these instructions. 

You must first input the tracking number that you obtain after correctly completing all shipping procedures. You must also abide by all guidelines in order to track a parcel through the company’s official website. As far as we are aware, only the most recent tracking system is capable of performing Correo Argentino international tracking. The tracking system is user-friendly and accessible from any device via the internet.

Through Correo Argentino tracking, you can know the date and time of the package arrivals. With the use of email and customer support phone numbers, you may easily monitor and trace your package. The Argentino official website has both the phone number and email. There are 3500 offices across the nation where you can visit to track your package. Rural residents can access the office as well because post offices are spread throughout the entire nation. Additionally, you can utilize the phone number and email if you are unable to visit the office. We offer other courier tracking services like Bulgarian Post Tracking as well.

Shipping time

Correo Argentino delivers packages quite quickly. Any kind of package can travel anywhere within 24 to 48 hours. Delivery only takes a day or two to reach the destination. However, depending on the type of shipment and the shipping firm, it may also arrive later than the stated period. But it’s not a major issue. With the help of Correo Argentino tracking, you can always keep track of your package. The fact that it can carry 25 kilograms is the feature that stands out most about this service. Effortlessly sending any kind of shipment is possible from anywhere in the world.

Correo Argentino Post Truck

Shipping Charges

The weight of the packages determines the shipping cost. The average cost is $40. The official website of Correo Organtino has a pricing comparison website. Every country will have a different price. On the official website, there is a list that you can review. It will cost more if your country is far from Argentina. Additionally, the price will be lower if your parcel delivery is in a nearby continent or region, such as Asia, Africa, or Europe.

Contact method

You can use any of the contact options listed on the official website. Utilizing a phone number, you can get in touch with Correo Argentino services. If you don’t want to make a phone call, you may also send an email. This service’s response time is quite quick. You will receive a reply from them in approximately 12 hours or less. By contacting them, you can know more about the items and package complaints. Attending the office is another simple way to receive detailed info. You can go to any of the Argentino offices, which are located in all major cities.


The best service in the country is the Correro Argentino service. Many people utilize this service frequently to mail and receive packages. Even from abroad, you can send parcels. The speed of service delivery is excellent. If you have any problems with your package, you may also get in touch with service.  Correo Argentino monitoring can help companies in enhancing client satisfaction. Correo Argentino has made it a priority to offer effective services for many years. Controlling the electoral logistics for parliamentary elections has fallen under the responsibility of the company. The best way to find out about the shipped package is to use tracking.

Correo Argentino Post office


It is completely safe to submit your tracking number on this website. You can use our reliable service.

Find the post-tracking section first before tracking the package. The next step is to enter your tracking number by clicking the tracking button. you will receive your package information after that.