NPCT Tracking

NPCT Tracking


The NPCT is one of the most important container terminals in Indonesia ( New Priok Container Terminal). This joint venture, which was founded in 2014, is between Hutchison Ports and PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero). Besides this, NPCT is a cutting-edge terminal with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to handle a large volume of containers. Furthermore, the most crucial aspect of NPCT is its tracking system, which guarantees efficient and correct management of containers. In this article, we’ll talk about its advantages.

NPCT1 Tracking 

The NPCT tracking system is a comprehensive system that follows containers all the way through the terminal. Its purpose is to know about the exact location of the container and its movement. This method is crucial since it aids in speeding up the handling process by decreasing the time needed to find containers.

NPCT Tracking3

Benefits of NPCT Container Tracking

Firstly, container location updates are provided in real-time by the tracking system, making it simpler to find and manage containers. Containers can be located more quickly with reliable tracking, reducing overall waiting times and increasing productivity. Additionally, the tracking technology aids in preventing theft and damage to the containers by guaranteeing that their whereabouts are known at all times.

How does NPCT Tracking vessel work?

The NPCT1 tracking vessel’s operation is quite simple.  The NPCT tracking system combines various technologies, including GPS, RFID, and others (Global Positioning System). Each container has an RFID tag, which RFID scanners read when the container passes through the terminal. Moreover, containers are tracked using GPS sensors as they pass through the terminal.

RFID Technology in NPCT

The most popular technological solution in NPCT is RFID. Each container has an RFID tag attached to it, and the tag’s distinctive identification numbers are utilized to identify the container. RFID readers have been installed all over the terminal, and as containers pass by them, they record the whereabouts of the containers.

NPCT Tracking1

GPS Technology in NPCT

This technology is crucial to the NPCT1 container tracking system. GPS sensors serve as a way to track containers as they move through the terminal. In order to update the location of each container in real time, the tracking system gets GPS data. With this information, the control of container movement within the terminal is proceedings.

The tracking system’s integration with other NPCT systems

At NPCT, the tracking system is connected to other terminal systems. Included in this is the Terminal Operating System (TOS), which controls the movement of containers throughout the terminal. The TOS can enhance container movements and boost overall efficiency thanks to the tracking system’s real-time data.

Use of data analytics in NPCT tracking system

NPCT’s tracking system makes significant use of data analytics. The system gathers a lot of information about container movements and then examined them to find patterns and trends. The usage of this information helps to increase overall effectiveness, shorten wait times, and plan for upcoming operations.

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Furthermore, the NPCT is trying its best to make its tracking system better and more advanced every day. The employment of machine learning algorithms to increase the precision of container monitoring and the incorporation of blockchain technology to boost security and transparency are examples of advancements.


In essence, the New Priok Container Terminal’s (NPCT1) container tracking system is an essential part of how the terminal operates. It offers instant container visibility and shortens waiting times. Moreover, planning the tracking system offers information on container movements that can be utilized to organize upcoming operations. Also, JPI Tracking, Ninja Tracking, and Kerry Express Tracking are available here. If you used any of these services in your life then these might be crucial tools for you.


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