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Go Send is a well-known transportation service that operates globally. Gojek is another name for this Go Send company. This delivery service is an Indonesian company that provides its services worldwide. Many goods including perishables, live animals, dangerous materials, and more are transported by this service. This service offers tracking in addition to its fantastic transportation service. go-send same-day tokopedia tracking is the easiest way to track your delivery. We will discuss what tracking is, as well as its purposes and advantages, in this article.

What is Go Send tracking?

All users of the Go Send and Gojek service have access to the tracking tool. For each customer, this tracking service is quite important. Moreover, an online service called tracking provides clients with the most recent details about their shipments. Everyone can utilize this wonderful service to discover where their things are at any time. They are also providing go-send instant shopee tracking. You can visit this site for more tracking-related services.

What is the AWB number?

When placing a shipment through the go-send same-day shopee service, you will receive a  number or a code from the service. The AWB number refers to this number or code. This is the essential key that will allow you to access your shipment’s real-time information. Besides this, you must always have this AWB number on hand for tracking purposes.

Go Send

Go Send tracking method

Everyone can utilize this service because the Go Send tracking method is very simple. Go to the official Go Send website to track your package. Finding the tracking sector is the first step. Then enter your go-send same-day tracking number by selecting the “Track” button. The website will then show all the details about your shipment after that. Using this website, you can simply track your order as well. On the article’s top, there is a track option. All you need to do to get real-time updates on your shipment is enter your tracking number in the tracking sector.

Go Send tracking app

This well-known shipping business has an app as well. You can track your cargo with this app. This tracking tool is so simple to use that anyone may use it. All you have to do to track your shipment is enter your AWB number in the tracking button. And following that, you will receive all the most recent and accurate information regarding your cargo. Because of its simple interface, anyone may use it without any problems. You can get this app from the Google Play store if you’re interested. Also, this app is accessible to all users of iOS and Android.


You can get a lot of advantages and benefits from this tracking service. All of its benefits will be discussed here.

  • You can obtain all the most recent and real-time details regarding your shipping.
  • You will also be aware of the location and arrival time of your cargo. This service will provide you with a precise shipping time for your delivery.
  • This service also lets you know if there were any changes to the cargo delivery timeline.
  • Given that you can keep track of the progress of your package throughout the entire route, you can be sure that it is secure and safe.
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How to Improve Go Send Tracking Accuracy?

For Go Send Tracking to give consumers the right information about their shipments, precise data is essential. Make sure you give the cargo agent or shipper managing your shipment the proper AWB number to increase the system’s accuracy. To prevent delivery delays, you should also update the recipient’s contact information.

Customer support

You can get in touch with the service if you have a problem with your shipment or package. All you have to do is visit the service’s official website. Here, the service’s phone number and email are listed. Just locate their phone number and email address. If your package is missing or delayed after that, you can call them or text them. An answer from the service will come in 24 hours. Additionally, if you have any problems, the service will help you appropriately.

Email and SMS Notifications

SMS notifications are a fantastic feature of this service. Customers of this service receive regular SMS and email messages. You will receive precise and real-time information regarding your shipping in this SMS. You’ll get an email letting you know when your cargo will arrive. Also, the service notifies you via SMS and email if there are any changes to the delivery date, time, or delivery delay. 

Go Send Tracking


Go Send tracking is a highly helpful feature that allows someone to receive real-time information about their delivery. This service is dependable and meets the needs of its users. This service is similarly simple to use. If your package is delayed, misplaced, or has any other issues, you can also contact the service. To get in touch with them, you may find their phone number and email. Moreover, a tracking app is accessible through the Google Play store. Due to the user-friendly UI of this software, anyone may track their cargo progress. You can use this service for tracking purposes as well.


To make a service call visit the official website for the service. They have provided their contact information, including an email address. You can reach the service by email and the listed phone numbers.

The tracking app is, of course, completely free. Everyone can download this software for free from the Google Play store.

You can get their email address from their official website to contact them. If you have any problem they will assist you properly.

You can post a request on their website. Your request will take into consideration by their team.