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Online shopping has become a popular way to buy items for many people throughout the world in the current digital age. The emergence of e-commerce sites like Lazada has made purchasing more convenient than ever. One of Southeast Asia’s most well-known online markets, Lazada offers various goods from various vendors. Nonetheless, a common worry Lazada tracking comes to be handy in this situation.

From origin to destination, (Lazada eLogistics) LEL tracking is Lazada’s last-mile delivery service. Their goal is to impress customers, convert them to Lazada eCommerce users, and establish Lazada as the premier Southeast Asian eCommerce platform.  We will go over what Lazada express tracking is, how it functions, and its advantages in this article.

Lazada Tracking

Lazada express tracking is a service provided by the company that allows customers to monitor the delivery status of their purchased items. Customers can trace the whereabouts of their packages, the expected delivery date, and the estimated arrival time with this tool. Moreover, customers can use this service to stay up to date on the status of their orders and make appropriate plans. Customers should instantly report any problems or delays with their orders to assist the company.

Lazada Express Tracking

The working method

Each cargo of Lazada Express is assigned a unique ID in the backend. This ID is then used to provide the information to the customers. Each cargo of Lazada Express provides information about its location on regular bases to the company so the company provides that information to the customers.

Each order’s individual tracking code or number is used by the company to track packages. After purchasing on Lazada, buyers receive this code by email or text message. Customers can use the Lazada website or mobile app to track their packages using this code. The tracking code will be updated with the shipment’s current position, expected time of arrival, and other delivery information after the package has been shipped. Consumers can also get text messages or emails with real-time updates about their packages.

Benefits of Lazada Tracking

Customers can track their orders on Lazada and keep track of their progress by checking the status of their orders. Real-time updates on the status of your order are provided by the tracking tool. It also contains the anticipated delivery date and the phases of processing and shipping. This feature eliminates the anxiety that comes with not knowing the whereabouts of an order. And lastly, it’s easy to keep track of the delivery progress of your goods using Lazada parcel tracking. Using it, your package can be tracked at any time, from any location, using any device.

Lazada LEX tracking

Lazada Tracking Method

The tracking method is quick, easy, and straightforward due to the user-friendly interface of the website and app. Any customer can track their orders by using the following simple steps:

  • Firstly, visit Lazada Express’s official website.
  • And then, locate the tracking sector.
  • Thirdly, enter your tracking number in the tracking sector of the website.
  • There will be a Track button below. Press the Track button.
  • Finally, the page will show you all the necessary information regarding your parcel from Lazada Express.
  • Besides this, if you are using their app, you can follow the same steps that are mentioned above to track your parcel using the mobile app.

Customer Service

You can ask for help from Lazada’s customer service if you are having problems with the courier tracking feature, such as receiving inaccurate or incomplete information. They’ll be able to give you the information you need and assist you in efficiently tracking your package. 

Lazada Logistics

How to contact their Customer service?

Customers can contact customer service using the contacts provided by Lazada Express. Customers can visit Lazada’s official website and can get their contacts. Also, you can visit here to get the contacts.


Customers can find out the whereabouts of their packages, the anticipated delivery date, and the anticipated arrival time. The key function of this tool aids clients in keeping track of their online orders. Moreover, real-time updates on the order’s status allow consumers to monitor the delivery procedure and guarantee that their product will arrive on schedule. Also, we are providing GSM Tracking, Heung-A Tracking, and ID Express Tracking. You can have a look at these services if you are using their cargo services, so it will be beneficial for you.


LEX ID tracking and Lazada Express tracking are other names for Lazada courier tracking. We offer a global Lazada tracker that allows you to follow packages to Indonesia. Enter your package’s LEX ID tracking number to find out its whereabouts.

Yes, you can track your Lazada order no matter in which country you live. We provide Lazada Skynet tracking, Lazada j&t tracking, Lazada Cainiao tracking, Lazada tracking Philippines, Lazada Tracking ninja van, and Lazada tracking Malaysia.

You can get LEX ph contact number here.

The tracking number looks like this, Gdex – MY30006945571, Skynet – 238432685504, Poslaju – ER521803835MY, NinjaVan – SHP18029173377R6TM, ABX Express – SHX99067495MY.