Cyprus Post Tracking

Cyprus Post Tracking will help you to track your order. You will learn everything about your parcel with the aid of this tracking system. Moreover, you will be informed of the arrival time and progress of your package. Because it can be done online, tracking is quite simple. You can monitor your delivery by simply entering your number into the tracking button.

Cyprus postal system

One of the biggest and most dependable companies that manage the entire postal system in the nation is the Cyprus Post Service. Cyprus Post’s postal services must be regulated, controlled, and observed for quality by the country’s Commissioner for Regulation. The primary justification for the significance of this mail service is this one. The clients’ interest and trust are also increased by this service. Due to its excellent service, almost all of the country’s residents use this postal system.

Find your tracking number

If you have recently shipped a package and are awaiting its arrival, you might be curious to know about it. You may find out the time that your package will arrive by utilizing the tracking system. but you first need a tracking number for this purpose. After placing an order, you will receive this number from the service. This number is also printed on the shipping label. Your package’s unique identity is this tracking number. In addition, you can find out the time that your delivery will arrive by entering the number that you were given by the service.

Cyprus Post delivery van

Cyprus post Tracking method

You must take specific steps to trace the package. first, visit the official website for Cyprus Post Tracking. after that, find the track button. Our website offers a tracking service as well. Put your tracking number in by clicking the track button. Then you can view your parcel’s location, projected delivery date, and delivery history. Visit this page for KFC order tracking.

Cyprus Post tracking App

Additionally, there is a Cyprus Post Tracking app available on Google Play. For tracking purposes, it is available for download from Google. This app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. because all devices can utilize this software. After installing the app, click the track option and enter your tracking number. Afterward, you will receive all of the details regarding your parcel.

Cyprus Post tracking internationally

Cyprus Post Service is a part of UPU as well. The United Nations agency known as UPU, or Universal Postal Union, coordinates postal regulations among its member states. You can also track your package if it is being sent or received internationally. Enter your tracking number and the country of origin and destination on the UPU website for this reason.

This service has offices and branches across the nation. This service is therefore accessible in practically all areas of the nation. There are 1000 rural agencies in the country, along with 51 postal offices. This service is available throughout the entire nation. Access to this service is available in over 200 counties. This service seems to use third-party companies like DHL, FedEx, or QuickPost to deliver orders worldwide.

Cyprus Post Tracking office

Shipping Time

The time it takes for a package to arrive depends on a few things. The shipping time depends on the transportation method and the order’s destination. Every country has a different shipping time. Moreover, the shipping period from Cyprus to the UK is roughly 28 working days. Besides this, if the user uses EMS postal service, the shipping period will be 1 or 2 weeks. The shipping time for European nations is roughly two to three weeks. and it will take about 3 to 4 weeks for Africa. for Asia, Central America, South America, and North America, it will be 4 to 5 weeks.

Cyprus post Shipping prices

Each country’s shipping fee for the service is different.

  • 42 dollars for  South American countries
  • 44 dollars for the United States or Mexico
  • 40 dollars for  China 
  • 41 dollars for the African continent
  • 38 dollars for  Europe

We must be aware that the Cyprus post-EMS service will have a higher shipping cost than the Cyprus service. The location and size of the parcel will also affect how much it will cost to ship.

Understanding Package Statuses

You will encounter several package statuses with various meanings. Below are some common package statuses. In Transit (means that your package is currently en route to its destination). When a shipment is marked as “Out for Delivery,” it will soon arrive at your door. Delivered( indicates that your package has been successfully delivered to its destination)  Clearance of Customs ( means that your package is being processed by customs officials and may be delayed). Exception(means that there is a problem with your shipment, such as an invalid address or an issue with customs clearance) (means that there is a problem with your package, such as an incorrect address or an issue with customs clearance).

Cyprus Post delivery container

Contact method

Contact the Cyprus Post Service if you have any problems with your package. Further, you can visit the service’s official website and find all the information there. visit the official website of Cyprus to gather the necessary details. By contacting their phone number, you can get in touch with them. They can help you with redelivery or package locating if you have missed a delivery or a missing shipment. Contacting them is another way to obtain information. You can email them and get in touch with them using email. But going to their office is the greatest approach to get in contact with them and to get any information. On their official website, you can find the office’s address.


Using tracking techniques, you can locate your package quickly. There are two ways to track a shipment and obtain information about it. Using the Cyprus Post tracking app, you may know when your package will arrive. You can also use a website’s online tracking method. The best way to find out where your package is located is through tracking. If you have any problems with your package, you may also contact the service. The best service in the nation is provided by Cyprus Post, which also has offices all over the place. You can use this service if you have any complaints.

Cyprus Post delivery Truck


Without a doubt, you can input your tracking number to track the order. Because this website is entirely secure. Many other people are also using this service.

To make a service call visit the official website of the Cyprus Post Service. You may find their email and phone number here. These are the two ways by which you can get in touch with them.